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thanks be , the remindor

Jah reminded me that there is food and liked but unneccessary accessories in dumpsters.

i found entire cases of spicy noodles and peanut sauce.
corrective, i found nothing, i know nothing.
they were a gift, i was rewarded for following intuition.
Spending time with my grandparents is amazing.

I love them so much. After i left them i felt charged, content, not in a hurry.

Then i went to the world market dumpster. along with boxes and boxes of noodles, there were two beaded curtains.


Unc beat duke, so there was a riot on franklin street with open bonfires, hootin' and hollerin' etc.
I climbed on a roof to see the fire in the middle of the street.

I sang on the bench with shawns guitar, (thank you shawn)
gift of moneys
I sang a song with two lines
"I hope you make it home safely,
i hope you make it in one peice.
I'm a free DD, if your too drunk to drive, you should ask me for a ride."

I had a blast. I was getting firey
actin an everlovin' fool
it felt wonderful.
Plus i made a new friend, scott
he actually took me up on that ride.
yay for being in harmony with the flow, unstead of right behind it aching to be on top of the wave
or at least in a position where the force of movement helped you forward.
it hurts to be pulled under neath.
in love/pain grateful for the day.
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