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moments of bliss extend to be life// livin in the pisgah forest

Asheville is such a beautiful place!!!
thank you jay. blue eyed pierce my discomfort.
a marvelous journey...
yesterday was fried plantains, drumming in the park, meeting so many great people, but in particular, 3 striking souls

Terinaa, a woman who is free and beautiful, has children who i cannot wait to meet.
When my eyes met with Ian's windows, time stopped and we were of stillness and anxiousness at once. Love.
And Joshua. flood of energy connnected with memory. he was the first person i felt drawn to when i enerted the park. my inner urge grew as it was time to depart. his warm love eyes spoke softly to me and comfort was present.
The love born there, snuggled itself deeply into me and reached my ego.
I knew i was influenced by my ego.

i walked away.
i flourished apart in a sunny spot until i felt first and then saw a projection of the presence of joshua. our energies blended into a beautiful intense living life, when i almost felt it was too intense and i was going to withdraw,
a soft, gentle, bless of a kiss welcomed me to discard my worry.
Then we were joined in the sun by ian and turena, a heaped mass of love and appreciation, our whole camping trip was worship to me...

i'm blessed, I love you.

Beans too heavy this mornin?
joshua says "ain't 'nuff firewood for beans."
wow, thanks for keepin me in check.
the creases on ones forehead when one feels the power of love,
smile lines on the leather of your face,
special unique people.
can't say much more.

so so so so filled with love.
thank you allah, abba you are the voice of reason within me that protects me from harm.
ima, goddess of my heart
tho i do not see "you"
i see your many forms , physical or otherwise
i recognize the beauty of a feeling.
it's all in the eyes.
yay! for flippin coins.
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