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Genuine companionship, Inergy displaced, freed.

Spirit gives exactly what we need.
we accept from "spirit" exactly what we are ready for.
we open, and everything is eased and loving.
we close, we fear, and everything is harder.

thanks be to the soul in me, that stirred so gently and gifted so generously.

quality interactions happen when we project nothing just be.
i love you.
i am you.
i love that you love other mees.
i am thankful you embodied the wizard as your magic kissed my wounds;
you are a sensual healer.
it challenges me, brings forth to my attention memories which previously i would have rather forgotten. cradled to my own defined limitation, i shriek! as you breathe with patience i am reminded that you are not the illusions i fear.
You reached me in a space that i had not shared. You reminded me, revitalized a shadow into a living, dancing being.
Through the lesson we shared i feel ready to embrace the world.
i was so cold, so scared
of what i knew i felt was happening.
thank you for helping me to embrace my most feared chakra!
i was not aware of my fear until you touched her.
did you see her?
she kissed you. she blessed you and instead of emotional scars she leaves her
majik faerie dust which rains blessing on our intention as we settle into ourselves.
This sacred rite, exists as worship. We are medicine to each other, our tested
tingling astral tips touch to give love, offered to our abba, our ima, the united spirit sings this day.
and though many children in the city have never tasted a real country vegetable,
only canned and processed, and even fresh, is filled with genetic codes different than that which it arrived on earth with, or preserved physically long past the time it takes to vibrationally break down and morph into energetic decomposition.
how many lovers have never tasted love that has not been through a filter, prescribed regulations, held back from it's natural state.
replaced their true feeling with a "fine, thank you?"
i am here to embrace you when you release. you are invited to cry on my shoulder, to share yourself. To sit quietly in a sacred space of acceptance, appreciation, love.
who you are is beautiful to me.
You are invited to join us in loving the world. We need only look into our selves, with earnest humility, be love.
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